MI.BO. is created by a talented team of bio-hackers who bring sports bio-science, fitness physiology, AI algorithms, textile construction, electronics, and software knowledge. No detail is superfluous, every part has a function. Each product is a sophisticated construction that integrates perfectly into MI.BO. bio-hacking environment.

MI.BO.’s story starts with Aseem Gupta, its Founder and Chief Innovator.

Aseem is known for bringing innovation to life. He holds several patents in fields of fitness and technology. His experience of more than 39 years of dynamic business engagement spans complex technology, innovative design and his courage to pursue his dreams. MI.BO. is the culmination of a journey of this passionate visionary which starts with him winning a fashion design contest when he was 15 years old, followed by a meritorious B.Sc. at the age of 18 in bio-sciences, and later degrees in Laws and Business Administration. Aseem also holds a nutrition science certification from Stanford University, School of Medicine.

Aseem’s quest is both tragic and amazing. He defied the best orthopedic surgeons to recover from a traumatic shoulder ball fracture without any prosthetics or surgery, simply by relying on the body’s ability to selfheal. His inspiration for creating MI.BO. also stems from the desire to age actively, inspired by his mother, Rani, who’s strong spirit and motivation has led to her becoming a contributor to a patentable invention in her late 70’s.

Aseem is complemented by Armaan Gupta, his son. Armaan is passionate about fitness and well-being and is an expert at building MI.BO.’s on-line presence which includes the prestigious MI.BO. Academy, the MI.BO. Fit.Flix Video Delivery platform and all of MI.BO.’s social media outreach and wellbeing programs.

Tragic events of life, with the untimely loss of Aneeta, wife and mother of the founders, has inspired both to dedicate their life effort in overcoming the adversity of lifestyle and life challenges. This mission fuels their passion and dedication to MI.BO.’s Bio-Hacking DNA.

Both father and son team are equally passionate and dedicated to reducing the epidemic impact on life expectancy related to symptoms of sedentary lifestyle, overweight and obesity as causes for Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease, responsible for as much as 22 million deaths per year.


MI.BO. provides the path to upgrade wellbeing by boosting fitness, strengthening immunity and reducing health risks to enrich the quality and longevity of human life.



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