MI.BO. Products

Powerful muscle stimulation, immersive exergaming, reflex functional training, bespoke programs and health metrics.​

We provide safe, interactive, fun and motivating experiences for gaining strength, speed, agility, mobility, power, and more …

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MI.BO. gives you the opportunity to make wellbeing part of your daily life so you can remain fit and active at all ages. Stay safe from the incidence of delimiting lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cardiac stress, and diabetes.

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MI.BO. ® PRO.FIT Cloud

Professional MarketPlace

MIBO PRO.FIT provides everything for operations management for a workplace or professional wellness business, be it gyms, studios, PT’s, salons and clinics or companies with a workplace wellness program.

Create custom member plans, manage relationships, contracts and renewals, easily access waivers, collections and rewards. Automate class scheduling, eliminate double bookings, and allow staff to search for available dates, trainers and rooms. Manage digital signage and advertising.

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Easy to follow, video-based, online fitness training, and demonstrations. Follow your choice of exercises for losing body fat and building strength.

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All you need in one touch

MI.BO. LIV.FIT is not just another fitness app, it’s your personal wellbeing assistant that assists you by combining data from services you already use.

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