MI.BO.® Philosophy

MI.BO. transforms how you access, engage and take control of your wellbeing by using our hyper-personalized digital health platform to boost fitness, build immunity and reduce health risks for enriching the quality and longevity of your life, sustainably.

MI.BO. is for everyone. Athletes, Professionals, Workers, Students Homemakers alike. And for people of all ages.

MI.BO. is proudly designed and crafted in Europe by a talented team that hails from the fields of biomedical devices, fitness physiology, software and hardware development and textiles. We also hold several patents for groundbreaking inventions in the field of health and fitness.


For the first time, humans have the unique opportunity of becoming truly “bionic”. The pervasive ability to experience technology that assists body mechanics 24/7 – 365 days a year and applies to people in all walks of life.

MI.BO. is re-defining health and fitness, building the world’s most wellbeing engaged network to keep you going at your peak performance. It’s all about the laws of nature coupled with the innovative spirit of inspired innovators. The drive towards transformation in our nature and clearly the time has come for you to apply it to yourself.​



Bionics, or biologically inspired engineering, is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology. Nature itself is where we find answers. Higher, faster, further, better is just the result of this thinking.

This is the basic ethos of MIBO’s bionic design, an interdisciplinary field that deals with structures, methods, and processes found in biological systems.

Our bionic design process incorporates both form aspects and functional principles in our electronics, software, and bio-mechanical product development process. Perfectly positioned technology is used by patented solutions to meet our bionic ethos of FAST-FIT-EASY.


We humans have been looking beyond the limited choices of lifting dead weights and pulling on tensioned equipment in tightly packed spaces, places of fitness worship, we know as “gyms” and “fitness studios”

The mechanical era of fitness concepts has clearly seen its sunset ushering in what MI.BO. calls the Bionic Era which is all about “bio analytics defined bespoke wellbeing”– we call it BIONICS.

Our quest is to remain minimalistic. We take advantage of technology that is directed to achieving a single goal: maximum performance within sustainable limits. We also want to extend the life of our planet, EARTH.


Where performances counts, our bionics design is king. As bionics engineers, we are consistently eliminating the superfluous. MI.BO. is all about bringing refined muscle activation, dynamic reflex, and reaction engagement to support maximum power and optimized body motion to provide motivation and results. ​

And to everything we do, we attach proprietary measurement and metrics, to track results, giving you the opportunity to feel your power.


The closer you look, the further we are ahead of the world. With an untiring spirit of invention and bionic expertise, MI.BO.’s developers always find a way to make the seemingly impossible a reality. Maximum performance in minimum time.

4 years in development, MI.BO. is redefining the world of wellbeing. The developers at MI.BO. builds an impressive number of technologies that surround you like an integrated network of auxiliary systems, each providing a quantum leap in the frontiers of stability, neurostimulation, and muscle coordination, exclusively for you.


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