Stress is a factor for all of us, and when not properly managed stress can get out of hand and affect us negatively in our everyday lives. Many things can cause stress. Some are common factors we share amongst each other and some are individual to the person, meaning what may cause stress in one person’s life may not cause stress in another. There is both mental and physical stress and very often one impacts the other.

We all know that exercise can help with stress levels. But for people who are already stressed, the thought of starting an exercise regime can be even more stressful. Even trying to find the time in a busy schedule can be a cause of stress. Most people would say they want a fitter, healthier body but when asked the simple question, “Do you exercise?” or “Are you doing anything to help achieve this?” the response is usually some excuses as to why they are not:

“I am too busy”

“I don’t have time”

“The nearest gym is too far away”

“I have to watch the kids”

Here at MI.BO we wanted to work towards eliminating as many barriers to a healthier lifestyle as possible. With a shorter time of just 15-20 mins once or twice per week, for many people this time will be easier to find and fit in without disrupting other important parts of their lives. There is the option to workout wherever is convenient, at home, or a lunch break, solo or with a trainer. All this can reduce the time spent traveling or sitting in traffic.

To combat existing stress, exercise is a useful tool to help our bodies function as they should. Exercising makes our brain release endorphins – natural brain chemicals known as neuro-transmitters. These are “feel good” hormones which interact with the opiate receptors in the brain.

It is really important that we all make an effort to look after our health, its never too late to start and it always a good idea! Myo-Boost training just once or twice a week for 15-20 minutes is enough to make that difference!