Seasoned athletes and even someone who sits at an office all day need acute reflexes for safety and avoiding injuries. Reflex and reaction time plays a crucial role in everything that you do.

Essentially, reaction time is how fast you respond to external stimuli. Hand-Eye coordination is another important aspect of human cognitive response in the way that one’s hands and sight work together to be able to do things that require speed and accuracy. Catching something, hitting or kicking a ball, and every day reactions to crossing a street, jogging and running or negotiating uneven roads, stumbling on sidewalks are basic examples where trained reflexes and reactions are required.

Your brain and nervous system govern your entire body. Every action you take must first go through your brain before your body can ever start moving. Think of it as a computer. Whenever your body experiences a stimulus (Mouse/Keyboard), electrical signals are sent to the brain to be processed (CPU) for the response to be triggered. The speed at which this happens is un-noticeable and so we take it for granted that the reaction is going to be instantaneous.

Sensory receptors send out electrical impulses to your brain so that it can decide how you need to respond. Then, the brain sends those signals to the central and peripheral nervous systems so that they can travel to the parts of the body that need to move. The result is a physical response to the stimulus. It sounds simple enough, but it’s a complex process that happens in only fractions of a second.

Why Improving It Is So Important

Improving your hand-eye coordination and reaction time is one of the best investments you can make in your physical fitness and mind-body functionality. There are so many situations where being able to act just a little bit quicker can make all the difference. Sedentary modern life has little hand-eye coordination activities and most physical activities (other than sports) keep the mind, eyes and body movements disengaged from each other (like listening to music or watching TV while exercising on traditional gym machines).

The good news is that it’s completely possible to improve reaction times. Strengthening that connection between your body and brain can make a noticeable difference in your ability to react to the world around you.

The science behind MIBO REACT helps improve reaction time and hand-eye coordination making it a fun and engaging exergaming activity.

Perform Cognitive Reaction Training Exercises

One of the most effective ways to improve your reaction time is to do cognitive reaction training exercises. These exercises are specifically targeting your brain rather than other muscles in your body.

Cognitive reaction training is a relatively new concept that has made waves in the sports world in recent years. Some of the biggest athletes in the world have cognitive training included in their workout regime.

Essentially, you are exposed to visual and audible stimulants and must respond as quickly as you can. It’s like a game. In fact, most training routines are pretty addictive!. The impact this form of training can have is astounding. It’s all about establishing and strengthening neural pathways between the brain, nervous system and musculature. By forcing your brain to respond to visual stimulants, you’re creating new neural paths that your brain can use to communicate with your central nervous system.